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How’s your hotel stay going to be different in 2022?

How’s your hotel stay going to be different in 2022?

By Explore
November 11 2021 - 4:28pm

Lockdowns are over for most of the country, things are slowly going back to normal. Or are they are? The world has changed during the pandemic, and so have hotels and the sort of experience they’ll offer you in 2022. We look at what’s in store…

Leisure travellers – this is your time to shine

Join a loyalty club and watch out for bargains. Leisure travellers will be king and queen in 2022. Australia experienced its largest ever increase in the amount of hotel rooms built between 2017 and 2020 and with few international arrivals till later in the year, there will be rooms all over the country available at discount rates. And with business and conference travel taking longer to recover, hotels will set their sights almost entirely on leisure travellers (expect to see bargains from Monday to Thursday nights, which traditionally were some of the most popular and expensive nights at city hotels). Room rates will be highly competitive away from Friday and Saturday nights, but a lot of these specials will only be available through loyalty programs.

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