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5 of Australia’s most haunted hotels

5 of Australia’s most haunted hotels

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Updated April 20 2021 - 3:55pm, first published April 14 2021 - 10:50am

Normally when we think of thrill-seeking, we picture someone skydiving out of a plane or abseiling off a cliff edge, however, for some of us a thrill may look more like booking a room for two, yet feeling the presence of more. Some are obviously sceptical of the existence of lurking spirits, whereas some probably saw this headline and are already setting up their ouija board and mapping out the electric magnetic fields of the hotels. Even if you fall on the sceptical side of the fence, it’s hard to deny that some places just give off an eerie vibe that can’t quite be explained. You may or may not really be sharing these rooms with these spirits from times gone by but you will definitely feel something different from your average hotel stay. 

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