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Camping at a music festival: Before you travel

Get ready for your next outdoor music festival in Australia, with this list of tips and guidelines. Picture Shutterstock
Get ready for your next outdoor music festival in Australia, with this list of tips and guidelines. Picture Shutterstock

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When getting ready for an outdoor music festival here in Australia, preparation is key before you travel, especially if you want to free up as much time as you can for your favourite bands.

With big names like The Weeknd playing concerts all across Australia, now is a great time to visit the land Down Under; whether you need to travel inter-state or are flying in from overseas, follow these tips and checklists to make sure you're ready to travel.


Before you start booking flights, it is a good idea to consider what you're allowed to bring on the plane. You can, of course, buy most of the camping equipment you need for a festival when you arrive at your destination, but for large, expensive items like tents and sleeping pads, it's far cheaper to bring your own.

When you carry camping gear onboard an airplane, whether it is domestic or international, you will need to check the list of prohibited items directly from the airliner to make sure none of your camping supplies is prohibited.

As a general guide, anything that can be potentially considered a weapon (tent poles, tent pegs, knives etc.) or is explosive (gas cooker, fire starters, propane) would not be allowed to be stored in the overhead luggage compartment.

Most of these items can be checked in as hold luggage, though there are some rules depending on the particular airline. Most airlines would only take items powered by fuel if the petrol, gas or propane is completely drained beforehand. Small items like deodorant or insect repellent (both very useful for hot days outside at a festival) can be taken and stored in the hold in most cases, as they are only small quantities of gas.

Now that you've got all the gear you need with you and stored in the right place, we highly recommend travel insurance for your camping gear. One of the worst situations you can get yourself into is missing luggage at the airport. Usually, this issue is fixed in a matter of days when the airport staff finds your luggage, but you have a festival to get to, and can't exactly wait.

Luggage insurance means you can make a claim on the missing luggage (before or after the festival) and have them cover the costs of new camping gear.

The necessities

Now you know how to bring your stuff for music festivals, it's time to go over exactly what you'll need. Trust us, if you are a first-time festival goer, these essential checklists and tips will make your life much easier.


You'll want a quality tent with a body composed mostly of mesh and a separate rainfly. Tents offer shade, but on rainy days or severe weather events, you'll be glad for a waterproof, one, with a good ground sheet.

Sleeping bag

Nights can get surprisingly chilly even in summer, so make sure to pack a comfy sleeping bag. For good measure, throw in a couple of blankets and a pillow.

To go with this, you should also bring or buy a sleeping pad. You can easily roll this up to bring with you, but it makes sleeping much more comfortable. These keep you off the ground, provide insulation, and obviously cushion you for a good night's sleep.

The bathroom situation

This one can be tricky for first-timers, as the bathroom situation even in the best set-up music festivals is usually dire. Setting yourself up close to the portaloos can be one solution, but will put you in the proximity of some strong smells. The best solution is to bring or buy a portable chemical toilet you can use in the tent. Just empty it regularly and make sure you have plenty of chemical cleaner, not to mention toilet paper.

Be the early bird

So what exactly are your chances of meeting and securing such a perfect spot? If you want to find the perfect spot, it's a good idea to arrive early to have your pick of the field. Though it may not sound fun, it's a good idea to leave early as well, especially if you're driving out to avoid mass traffic jams.

Now with everything sorted, it's time to enjoy yourself. Get ready for an easy experience at your next music festival, here in Australia.

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