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How to make a no win no fee claim on the Gold Coast?

Here's a guide that walks you through the no win no fee claims process. Picture Shutterstock
Here's a guide that walks you through the no win no fee claims process. Picture Shutterstock

Do you need help making a no win no fee claim on the Gold Coast? Maybe someone has offered to make your claim on a no win no fee basis, and you want to know more about the process? No matter what brought you here today, we have the answers for you.

By teaming up with Smiths lawyers, we have a guide that walks you through the no win no fee claims process. Keep reading to learn more about them today.

What is a no win no fee claim?

A no win no fee claim means that a lawyer will take on your claim without you paying any upfront costs. No win no fee is usually offered on personal injury claims, like accidents at work that were not your fault. Should you win your case, you must pay a fee for the legal work your lawyer has completed. When your lawyer takes the case, this fee will be made clear to you.

Should you lose, you will not be required to pay any fees to your lawyer. Usually, no win no fee is offered when your lawyer is confident they will win the case. You do need to check when being offered a no win no fee that there are no hidden costs that could occur if you lose the case.

How to make a no win no fee claim on The Gold Coast?

Making a no win no fee claim on the Gold Coast is straightforward and can be done with a lawyer. Making a claim usually involves agreeing on any clauses in the arrangement, providing your lawyer with the necessary information, and keeping in contact with them as the case progresses. Of course, there might be discrepancies, as every case is different. Let's look at the main components of a no win no fee claim on the Gold Coast.

Step 1 - Agree a no win no fee with your lawyer

First, you must find a lawyer willing to take your case on no win no fee. You can contact legal firms or look for adverts by companies offering no win no fee. Once you have found a lawyer and agreed to work together, some legislative conditions must be followed. Your lawyer must:

  • State what a successful outcome is for this case
  • State what you must pay if the claim is successful
  • State if an uplift fee is needed
  • State a cooling-off period (five or more business days)
  • State if you are aware of your right to seek advice before agreeing

A contract between you and your lawyer must also be drafted and signed, with you both agreeing to the terms stated. These contracts can be adjusted to suit any case. You might have additional clauses in place, or they might be very basic. Read through the contract carefully before signing it.

Step 2 - File your claim

You can file your claim once you are happy with the contract and have signed it. You will work with your lawyer to do this, providing them with all the necessary information. Your lawyer will likely want to create a solid case with plenty of evidence to help you win your claim.

You might be asked to provide statements, photographic evidence, voicemails, notes from your doctor, or any other information relevant to your case. What is required of you will vary depending on your specific case.

Step 3 - Receive your claim decision

Your lawyer will likely contact you while the claim is processed to inform you of any updates or changes. They will let you know when a decision is made, telling you whether you have won your case. Should you win, you will be advised how your fees are paid. They might be deducted straight from your compensation, or you might receive your compensation and then pay your lawyer.

It's worth noting that if you lose your claim, you might need to pay the other party's legal fees. In some no win no fee cases, your lawyer will shoulder these costs too, but check before signing any contract.

Final thoughts

There you have it: three steps that allow you to file a no win no fee claim in the Gold Coast. While everyone's claim will look different, they will follow these steps that allow you to make your claim without worrying about any upfront legal fees. Discuss the contract carefully with your lawyer to ensure you are aware of any fees should you win your case.

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