●       Do your research prior to travel. First rule of solo travel – research your destination extensively. Learn about the politics, cultural norms, safer locations, accommodation options and places to avoid. Research can reduce nasty surprises.

●       Blend in. You want to look like a local to reduce any unwanted attention.

●       Keep your valuables safe or at home. Whilst in transit keep all valuables on oneself, however once you arrive at your accommodation, store valuables including passport, and additional cash in a safe. Keep expensive jewellery at home.

●       Register on Smartraveller.gov.au to stay up-to-date on any government or travel warnings.

●       Research and prioritise finding the right travel insurance policy. Anything can happen when you’re travelling. Travel insurance is available at all prices and levels, make sure that you’re covered with a policy and provider that meets the needs of your trip.   

●       Safeguard documents. Ensure they’re easily accessible and also share with a family member so they can be accessed quickly if something goes wrong. Keep a paper copy and take a photo.

●       Be friendly. Make friends along the way, however do not trust people too quickly.

●       Get social. Post updates on social media to keep your friends and family in the know.

●       Use social. Read reviews on major travel sites, and search for trusted local providers. Take advantage of the wealth of verified information online.

●       Trust your gut instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, or makes you feel uncomfortable, then remove yourself from the situation. 

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