What holidays are you booking now?

We are based in Melbourne so given the current situation it would anywhere down on the Mornington Peninsula or the Yarra Valley. There are a lot of short breaks around Melbourne to get out of the city and away from all the stresses – Great Ocean Road and Daylesford are all options, too. 

Where do you hope to be booking in 2022?

I’m looking to get back to the Greek Islands or Hawaii as soon as possible once international travel is back. Otherwise I’d seriously consider New Zealand. Queenstown is a fabulous little spot to go.

What’s your favourite holiday?

We love touring Australia and if we’re heading overseas, my holidays generally involve water, good food and great wine. So, my favourite holiday would be the islands of Greece where you can chill out in the warm Mediterranean waters, having some grilled fish and nice wines, and ideally a siesta each afternoon.

We also love the north of Italy as well as Sorrento in the south. Fabulous food and warm, wonderful people. Everything revolves around a glass of wine, a good chat and a laugh, and just relaxing. That’s what holidays should be about.

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