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Northern Territory

Northern Territory

Wild, expansive and untamed, Australia’s Northern Territory is your go-to for escaping the bustling pace of city life.

Archaeological records show evidence of settlement in the region by Aborigines thousands of years ago. Extensive trade links have also been discovered between the Indigenous peoples and Indonesia.

Since the start of the 20th century, the Northern Territory’s population has been one of Australia’s fastest growing, with around 250,000 residents. More than half reside in the capital city of Darwin.

Some of the country’s most prominent geological landmarks are located in the region as well. These include the majestic Ayers Rock at Uluru as well as the massive rock formations at Kata Tjuta.

The Northern territory isn’t just about deserts and bushland. It includes a diverse geographical landscape, encompassing the wetlands of Kakadu National Park, turquoise coastline of Arnhem Land and mesmerising waterfalls like Jim Jim Falls and Wangi Falls.

Besides its natural wonders, the region is arguably the best place to get connected with Australia’s aboriginal roots. As you journey through the beautiful landscapes of Alice Springs and Arnhem Land, you’ll learn about Aboriginal culture through various tours by traditional landowners.

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