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Things to do in SA

South Australia is the country’s fourth-largest state, spanning a total land area of 983,482 square kilometres. SA became a state in its own right in 1834. It’s population is currently 1.7 million residents, which is less than 8 per cent of Australia’s total population.

Unlike other states, South Australia was never a penal colony, and was completely settled by free European settlers from the 1830s.

The beautiful region is filled with gorgeous coastline and turquoise beaches.

What are some of South Australia’s best beaches?

Port Noarlunga, which is known as Tainbarang or Tainbarilla by the Traditional Owners – the Kaurna People holds historical significance. 

Legend has it that it was a site of a freshwater spring, which was created by the tears of Tjibruke, 11,000 years ago. Tjibruke was known as the creator. 

When you visit Port Noarlunga you can either spend time learning about the Indigenous history, simply take in the glorious sun’s rays or have a go at surfing. The beach has beautiful golden sand stretching for miles. 

It’s also a great scuba diving, snorkelling or swimming beach. Don’t leave without a memento. You’ll find plenty of craft boutiques and gift shops nearby.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, head out to Maslin Beach, which is 35 kilometres South West of Adelaide, in the City of Onkaparinga.  

It’s known for being Australia’s first nudist beach, however that’s only at the southern end of the beach, so if you don’t wish to drop your clothes, head to the northern part of the beach where you’ll be amongst other people who are fully clothed.

Another beach worth a special mention is Gunyah Beach, which is in Coffin Bay National Park, a protected area on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia. 

You’ll need a car to get there because it’s 300 kilometres west of Adelaide. Gunyah Beach has amazing sand dune mountains reminiscent of The Pyramids, so it’s well worth exploring and capturing a picture of the sweeping ocean views. You may even catch some Aussie wildlife on your visit because kangaroos and foxes have been known to roam the beach.

Fishing in South Australia

If you want to go fishing and catch some whiting, flathead, salmon, mullet, garfish or snapper, head out to Long Beach, which has perfect fishing conditions.  

The best time of year to fish is summer, but if you want to catch some larger fish then it’s best to go fishing at night time.

Wine and South Australia

The history of wine in the Barossa Valley, which is 50kms north east of Adelaide dates back to 1842. 

Interestingly, some of the vines are still growing grapes today. You’ll find traditional and Mediterranean varieties of wine in the Barossa Valley. 

Capital city Adelaide is well-known for its arts, music and dining scene. In fact, it’s been hailed as the “Festival State”, thanks to a calendar that’s packed to the brim with arts and gastronomic festivals.

Be sure to stop by the Adelaide Hills, which is known for its historical villages. The areas of Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale and Clare Valley will attract many a wine-connoisseur with their world-class vineyards.

Kangaroo Island

If you’re keen to explore South Australia’s natural beauty, you must head to Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island is just off the coast of South Australia and Australia’s third largest island. You’ll need more than a day on the island. 

It’s been regarded as a zoo without fences, meaning that you can get up close and personal with kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, sea lions, echidnas and goannas. If you’re a nature lover, Kangaroo Island is a must. 

Most people visit Kangaroo Island to reconnect with nature or to have a romantic trip away. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in what really matters and slow down. Whether it’s going for a quiet walk, an adventurous hike, relaxing at the beach or fishing, Kangaroo Island has it all.

Limestone Coast

When you head back to the mainland, you must check out the Limestone Coast in the City of Mount Gambier. You’ll be thrilled with the incredible cliff faces, crashing waves and the beautiful beaches. 

Wine lovers will also want to stop by the Coonawarra wine region to sample some of the local’s wine or maybe even bring back a present for a friend or family member. 

There’s something about volcanoes that is so fascinating and intriguing. When you’re on the Limestone Coast you’ll have the opportunity to walk, run or cycle through the marvellous scenery set amongst Mount Gambier’s extinct volcanic crater lakes.  Make sure you take your camera because you’re sure to want to remember the visit.

It’s not just volcanoes that are fascinating, deserts and mountains are too, so if you’re fascinated with deserts, you must take the time to travel to the Flinders Ranges, which are known for their mountainous terrain. 

Flinders Ranges National Park

The Flinders Ranges National Park is about 400 kilometres north of Adelaide so you’ll need a car to travel through them. There are several walking trails to explore. Even more amazing is the rock art. 

When you get to Arkaroo Rock, just under 20 kilometres south of Ikara/Wilpena Pound you’ll hike up a gentle hill and have the opportunity to gaze at ochre and charcoal rock paintings from the land’s traditional owners. 

Another option is to travel to Sacred Canyon, which you can only access by booking a guided tour. When you reach your destination you’ll be surrounded by a glorious gorge where you will see Aboriginal etchings in the rock faces.  It’s thought that they depict animal tracks and people. 

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